Previously played at: Secret locations in Brisbane as part of the Anywhere Festival (May 2016)

Facebook, Tinder and Catfishing – what do they all have in common? The ability to enable you to create a whole new persona.

Maybe your profile is an extension of yourself in ‘real life,’ or maybe it’s a whole new side to you that only comes out with the ability to type.

Click Café is an interactive, one-to-one performance that invites you to explore your online identity. Create an avatar, log on and be yourself – whoever that is.

Participants will require a smartphone with internet access for the duration of the performance. Click Café will take place outdoors at a secret location. Participants must book in advance for a particular time and date, and will be emailed instructions on where to go prior to the performance.

Why do we connect so easily with strangers online? Why do we spend more time checking what’s new on social media than watching the actual news? And where do we draw the line between virtual reality and real life?

Director: Sepy Baghaei