Re: Memory Promo

Previously played at: Wrought Festival (Sheffield, April 2016), Propinquity Festival at Moor Theatre Delicatessen (Sheffield, August 2016), Freshworks Festival at Old 505 Theatre (Sydney, June 2015), Sprint Festival at Camden People’s Theatre (London, March 2015).

We all relive our memories from time to time. But why – what do we gain from revisiting the past? What is the thrill, the eroticism, the desire for remembering that we are both so fascinated and so violated by?

Part one-to-one and part group encounter, Re: Memory challenges the way we share our memories, from the deeply private to the very public.

With every audience member helping to write the show they will experience, we invite you on a slightly terrifying – but mostly exciting – leap between ‘then’ and ‘now.’

Director: Sepy Baghaei
Collaborators: Jade Allen, Scott Parker