“Sepy Baghaei’s adaptation works well within the format of a travelling show. Her solid direction gives her actors the tools and opportunities to enjoy themselves as much as the audience… The production follows the mission of Baghaei’s company Suitcase Civilians, which sets out to create ‘easily transportable’ works. All props are made from everyday objects, such as flowers made out of tissue and a bird puppet made from newspaper …All in all, Wilde Tales is a fun evening of entertainment and storytelling, for the young and the old alike… this passionate ensemble is clearly dedicated to telling these stories, showing a good, balanced performance of both the light and dark sides of life.” – Everything Theatre, April 2016

“The show was performed in ‘The Space’, and Sepy Baghaei made good use of the direction options this space provides. Weaving in and out of audience members, using the stage, doorways and balcony, the actors frequently changed the focus point, which kept the production exciting, particularly for the younger members of the audience…” – A Younger Theatre, April 2016

“Suitcase Civilians’ respectful, yet inventive versions of these time-honoured tales show that Wilde’s work are a natural fit for theatre … Making a show that’s suitable for all the family, yet appealing to adults isn’t the easiest thing, but Suitcase Civilians by staying true to themselves and what they find entertaining, have found a balance that’s hard to achieve.” – Female Arts, April 2016


“What Baghaei creates is thoroughly adventurous and quite wonderful … Leaving Re: Memory feels very satisfying, almost gleefully so…” – SuzyGoesSee, June 2015

“Continual observing, noticing and questioning ‘why?’ leaves one reflecting for days after Re: Memory is first experienced. Baghaei’s show is innovative and may just be the alternative theatre experience you’ve been waiting for.” – Emily Richardson, Upstaged Reviews, June 2015

“There are many reasons to go to the theatre, but we always hope to confront ourselves at some level. With Re: Memory, Suitcase Civilians have placed you on centre stage and given you a first class chance to take a good look at your naked self.” – Lisa Thatcher, June 2015

“…executed in an incredibly simple way … [it’s] quite touching.” – Russell Anderson, Playing at Plays, March 2015


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